SEEStat 4.0

arrivals to queue USBankUSBank, Arrivals to queue, 30 seconds resolution
call duration USBankUSBank, Call duration (offered), Fitting Mixture of distributions
seestat icon SEEStat Online

Note: One can connect to the server using the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser only and any of the following operating systems: all versions of Windows (starting from Windows 7). You can download and install Internet Explorer 11:  Download Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit); Download Internet Explorer 11 (64-bit)

How to connecting to SEEStat on the Technion SEELab Server:

  • SEEStat Tutorials here

SEE has been developing an environment for accommodating data from service enterprises. The environment consists of software modules, which are convenient to group into the following system components:

  • SEEData: data-repositories for research and teaching.
  • Core software components.
  • Data processing tools.
  • Analysis and modeling tools.
  • User interface (SEEStat, SEEGraph Designer and SEEGraphViewer).

SEEStat is a system for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) of service system data. It enables users to easily conduct statistical and performance analyses of massive datasets; in particular, analyzing datasets representing operational histories of large service operations (e.g. call centers, hospitals, internet sites), draws data directly from SEELab data-bases, such as those available through the SEELab server. SEEStat can also automatically create sophisticated reports in Microsoft Excel, which support research and teaching. It provides access to all the statistical algorithms and data processing tools. Its algorithms are either novel, or are accelerations and improvements to existing algorithms. Of special interest are SEEStat’s capabilities for distribution and mixture fitting, smoothing, survival analysis which have been proved extremely useful for modeling components of service systems (queues, service durations, customer impatience etc.).